Solutions come from a place of understanding.

The Finish Line Group helps entrepreneurs and business owners build wealth, preserve their assets, make successful exits, and enjoy the journey.


Get expert financial guidance from a fellow business owner.

Most financial services experts haven't run a small or mid-sized business before, and lack the intuitive understanding of the unique needs that owners of these businesses have. As a former owner of an office furniture company, Chris Coulter knows how to survive and thrive in a competitive business environment, and build wealth while doing so.

Beyond helping business owners with tax planning and wealth-building, we broker unique and innovative insurance solutions for business owners, develop benefit plans that improve employee retention, and offer resources to support peak mental performance and mental health.

“Chris came into my company and identified a number of areas that we had potential unrealized liability. He devised a number of solutions that gave my employees’ security and my family and I peace of mind.”
Andrew S, President & Founder (Construction Contracting company)
“Chris showed my partner and I how we could revamp our benefit plan to pay 100% of our health and dental expenses through the business versus paying personally. Also, he identified risks that could potentially impact the sale of our business/retirement plans and showed us how we could get more money out of our business in a tax-preferred way.”
Jim A, President & Owner (Specialty Packaging Distributor)

We empower entrepreneurs to overcome any obstacle.

Many people think of business owners as being "powerful people". In some cases, this is true. However, being a business owner is a very vulnerable position to be in. Entrepreneurs are used to being problem-solvers in multiple areas of their lives, and often don’t have a safety net to rely on when things go sideways. This is especially true when major changes, either in an owner’s personal life or in the larger market, force a re-evaluation of what’s important and where to go next.

The Finish Line Group’s philosophy is to meet business owners where they are at. “Success” looks different for every person, and our goal is to help you get to your personal finish line while enjoying the race as much as possible.

Business Insurance

Having effective insurance gives business owners options and runway should the unexpected happen. We work with entrepreneurs on a case-by-case basis to develop insurance solutions that work for them.

Building Wealth

Essentially, building wealth as a business owner is about paying yourself as much as possible while paying as little tax as possible. We show you how to go beyond salary and dividends to achieve your financial goals.

Mental Health

Mental health is vitally important for entrepreneurs, yet is rarely discussed. On our site, you'll find resources and advice to help you overcome the mental & emotional challenges of entrepreneurship.

Employee Benefits

In order to attract and retain top talent, your compensation package will often have to include more than a good salary. We help business owners develop affordable benefit plans that their employees will love.