How Can You Have Your Child’s Private School Funded by your Business?

If you have a child with special needs, a learning disability or an illness that requires special schooling, you may be eligible to have your child’s private school funded by your business as a legitimate medical expense.   Many private schools cost $25,000 or more per year.  Obviously, parents who elect to send their healthy children to private school is … Read More

Do Employee Benefit Plans and Medical Marijuana Mix?

marijuana and benefit plans

A common question I receive from benefit plan administrators is ‘how will medical marijuana affect our benefit plan’?  Usually, it stems from plan members asking if their plan includes medical marijuana as part of the offering.  Since the Liberal government’s legalization of the use of recreational marijuana in July 2018 is helping to fuel many of these discussions.  So how … Read More

Why Don’t You Want to be a Business Owner Without a Benefits Plan?

business owner without a benefit plan

Should You Be Paying Personally for Health and Dental Expenses? In short, the answer is no. You can pay more taxes, but why would you? As business owners, the CRA gives us very few opportunities to do things in a tax-preferred way. Business owners are entitled to write off legitimate health and dental expenses through your business. There are a … Read More