How Can You Have Your Child’s Private School Funded by your Business?

school funded by business

If you have a child with special needs, a learning disability or an illness that requires special schooling, you may be eligible to have your child’s private school funded by your business as a legitimate medical expense.   Many private schools cost $25,000 or more per year.  Obviously, parents who elect to send their healthy children to private school is … Read More

8 Clever Retention Strategies for Executive Compensation

executive retention strategies

If you went to the office one morning and someone gave notice, whose departure would make you feel irreparably harmed? Think about the key people you need to take your company to the next level of growth or become the next leader of the business. Also, consider who you consult with when making a critical or strategic decision. These are … Read More

Beware When Setting up Employee Benefit Plans for Bosses

employee benefit plans for bosses

If you’re responsible for the set up and administration of your company’s employee benefit plan, you may want to pay close attention to how you set up your boss on the plan.  This specifically applies to business owners or shareholders of the business.  Most don’t realize this but group benefit plans work really well for employees but the same doesn’t … Read More

Why We Love Health Spending Accounts….And You Should Too!

Health Spending Accounts

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) are one of the best kept secrets in the benefits industry that offer tremendous opportunities to both employees and employers. Below is a list of 10 perfect reasons why your company should seriously entertain utilizing the merits of this little known yet often heralded non-benefit plan Benefit 1 Tax Free Money.  Whether you’re a Business Owner … Read More