What is your company’s role in your Employee Personal Financial Wellness?

employee personal financial wellness

The Stats May Shock You Much has been discussed about creating loyal and happy staff, and attracting and retaining great talent.  One often overlooked opportunity to build trust, increase worker productivity, reduce stress and contribute to an employee’s financial freedom is helping to educate on employee personal financial wellness.  So why would you go down that road?  Do employees really … Read More

How Important is Employee Financial Wellness?

employee financial wellness

“Can I afford to retire?” “What happens to me if I get sick and can’t work?”  “How can I afford for my kids to go to university?”  “Where do I go to get a financial plan for my future?”  “What will happen if I die and don’t have a will?”  “Where do I start to get myself out of debt?”  … Read More

Employee Financial Wellness Creates We Care Culture

Employee Financial Wellness

So what is keeping your employees awake at night?  Taking the approach that what happens on their time is their business is a draconian approach to management.  Thinking that it doesn’t affect their productivity at work? Think again.  Data indicates that employees spend between 10-30% of their work days focusing and dealing with personal issues.  Throw in the time taken … Read More