How To Make Your Employee Benefit Plan Go Further

Make Your Employee Benefit Plan Go Further

To understand cost containment for your employee benefit plan, you need to understand the cost breakdown of a typical plan.  The average cost of employee benefits is about $3,000 per employee per year.  Approximately 15% of that is made up of administration fees, and the rest (85%) comes from benefit claims costs.  Most insurance companies say they will save you … Read More

Is Your Employee Benefits Plan Creating a Liability for Your Company?

Benefit Plan a Liability To Your Company

  You’re a great employer!  You’ve set up a benefits plan for your employees, but does that mean you might be exposed to unrealized liability? Many companies set up a benefits plan to protect their employees but is your employee benefits plan, creating a liability for your company? Here are some potential situations that we come across that can potentially come … Read More

Why is the EP3 Drug Pool Pushing Companies Back To Insured Benefit Plans?

EP3 Drug Pool

Many companies have been introduced to ASO plans over the last few years by brokers and carriers.  ASO plans can greatly reduce administrative costs, and if a company sets up its benefits plan design can minimize a client’s exposure to unnecessary cost and abuse.  But are insurance companies deliberately trying to push clients back to insured benefit plans with the EP3 Drug … Read More