Feeling Lost, Unhappy or Depressed? Maybe It’s Time to Get a Greater Purpose

Feeling Lost, Unhappy or Depressed? Maybe It's Time to Get a Greater Purpose

I’ve often talked about the emotional highs and lows of what many entrepreneurs need to endure. The fact that the depression rate for entrepreneurs is twice that of the average adult may help justify my rationale. Having been an entrepreneur that has battled depression over the years doesn’t make me an authority on the subject, but it does give me a unique perspective. Personally, I love what I do, but sometimes, it isn’t enough to keep me wholly focused on the prize. Sometimes we need to do something for the greater good. We need to do something that helps all of society and not necessarily our target audience. In the case of my business, I help entrepreneurs financially, emotionally and philanthropically get to that finish line, the place they want to get to, whilst minimizing the taxes they ultimately pay and the legacy they will leave. Sometimes we need a more noble cause and acknowledge that maybe it’s time to get a greater purpose to focus on.

How Often Do You Revisit Your Purpose?

This notion isn’t exclusive to entrepreneurs. It’s relevant to all those struggling to find their purpose or their ultimate why. We all need a reason to lunge out of bed every morning, or in some cases, just to get out of bed. We can’t always do what we do with vigour and enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter how many caffeine shots you have in the morning. Passion and purpose need to come from within. It’s got to be congruent with your personal why statement.

That’s not to say that I don’t love what I do. Sometimes it’s got to speak to a higher purpose. My clients value what I do for them. I’ve talked at length about my mistakes in my first business. Today, I coach other business owners from making the same financial mistakes we made, but there’s got to be a more significant calling.

That’s why I speak about mental health. I’m sure some find it agonizing as I drone on about entrepreneurial mental health and youth mental health. It starts with our mental health as children and can manifest itself into something formidable as we become adults.

Unresolved Mental Health Issues Lead to Bigger Issues

Motivational pundits like Tony Robbins and Simon Sinek have talked about it for years. Most of their teachings are directed at adults. So many of the issues that we experience as adults often come from unresolved issues that we experience as children and adolescents. They discuss attaching a more significant value to your ultimate why or purpose. The why makes things bigger and brighter and acts as our ultimate motivator.

When my world goes dark on occasion, or I struggle to see the good in any situation, I need to bring it back to its essence; what is my greater purpose in life.

Always Revisit Your Ultimate Purpose

Trying to understand this internal motivational pep talk is not always a quick and straightforward exercise. In some cases, it’s a lifelong journey, and it’s not to say it isn’t constantly evolving. In my case, there have been a few different iterations depending upon what stage of life I’ve entered or experiences I’ve encountered.

This isn’t about me pontificating about my great and purposeful life. Because I still struggle. I need something to tether me or ground or a purpose to ultimately get back to my motivated self. My sharing and vulnerability tend to bring out the vulnerabilities in others. Let’s face it, most of us have struggled at some point over the last couple of years. People have lost family and friends. Many have lost their businesses and income. So many have struggled with loneliness and, consequently, have lost their internal compass.

Share Your Challenges with One Other Person

It’s vital for me to share, so hopefully, others will be more inclined to tell their story. This doesn’t need to be posted on your social networks. It starts with one conversation. It can be a conversation with a close and trusted friend. The key is to start the conversation. What gets shared means one less thing that only occupies our headspace. Possible solutions come from sharing. It can encourage a different perspective and, ultimately, a resolution.


For me, happiness isn’t a given. It’s something I have to constantly work at becoming. It starts with gratitude and grows from there. Previously, I didn’t need to overthink things; I didn’t need to rationalize my reason to be happy. As events of our lives shape who we are, we need to focus on who we will become and what will be our meaningful contribution to society. Is this a lot of pressure to put on oneself? Perhaps, but for me, it’s the price of being happy.

Author’s Bio

Through the bankruptcy of his first business, a strong balance sheet means nothing unless you can get the money out of your business and into your hands personally, tax efficiently, and creditor protected. Chris helps and coaches business owners to avoid a similar fate as he suffered in his first business.

Through several clever strategies, he illustrates how these little-known vehicles can get money out of your business efficiently, build your corporate brand and create a legacy through charitable means to help make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Also, he has seen the impact that mental health can have upon success within your business and your life and how the two are on a constant collision course. When Chris became aware that Entrepreneurs struggled with their mental health at more than twice the rate of average adults, he realized he wasn’t alone and made it his ambition to understand why and do something to help. His business, The Finish Line Group, aims to help support the entrepreneur’s financial, philanthropic, and emotional needs.

Chris’ Why Statement remains, “To openly communicate the lessons learned from my past so that others will thrive in their lives, minimize their setbacks and leave a positive and lasting legacy.”