Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

"Mental health" is undeniably one of the hottest topics today. Although different generations have different words for talking about mental health, the fact remains that burnout, fatigue, brain fog, and stress are major threats to an entrepreneur’s productivity and leadership capacity.

Additionally, many employees face mental health challenges themselves, which means that entrepreneurs - as employers - are responsible for understanding and accommodating any unique needs that they may have.

Chris Coulter is a former mid-sized business owner who has overcome mental health challenges himself, and offers guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to improve the mental health of themselves and their employees.

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Eliminate brain fog and improve productivity

When I first experienced brain fog, my intent to complete tasks didn’t disappear but my ability to sit down, focus and get things done certainly did. It seemed like I would stare at my computer for hours with the noblest of intentions but when it came to sitting down and getting things out of my head and onto my computer, that is where the breakdown occurred.

When I went to find solutions to this problem, I discovered that there is no one reason for brain fog. This phenomenon, which can cripple entrepreneurs, is usually a result of multiple factors including diet, lifestyle, and sleep habits. In this book, I share eight simple ways that I have personally improved my productivity and reclaimed control over my mind.