7 topics that your employees really want you to provide education on

Financial Wellness

What keeps your employees up at night? What are the things that they worry about when they come to work and worry about throughout the workday? What are the things that more than 70% your employees want you to take an active role in promoting and educating them upon?

As the lines between work and home become more and more blurred, employees want their employers to take an active role in helping them deal with a number of life’s challenges. They expect you to participate but will show you indebtedness, gratitude and loyalty because of it.

Employees want to take a vested interest in their future. They also want their employers to help equip employees to deal with the potential challenges that they may face in life. They want assistance in knowing that the financial path they are on will set them up for an adequate retirement. They want to know that the relationship that exists between them and their employee is more than just a monetary arrangement. They want to know that loyalty works both ways. The relationship is one that exhibits caring and respect.

An employer that conducts specifically designed seminars around dealing with life’s speed bumps is one that translates into a relationship that can’t necessarily be quantified in only dollars and cents.