Don’t Worry, You Won’t Be Getting a Lump of Coal from Me This Year

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I’m not a scrooge. But I’d be lying to say that I’m looking forward to Christmas. There are a lot of people who love Christmas. They embrace it. They get immersed in everything representing the Jolly Old Elf and its yuletide festivities. Friends come together to celebrate the season and the approaching New Year. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one … Read More

Top 5 Things To Do if You’re Feeling Stuck in Life 

Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you feel like you don’t know what to do next? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone. I’ve been there, and it’s not a great spot to be in.  Whether you’re questioning your career, marriage, financial future, purpose or just wanting to wake up happy more days than you’re not happy, it’s … Read More

Indifference Never Made a Difference

Indifference Never Made a Difference

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, I wanted to share a story that happened to me a few weeks ago. It’s a reminder that we always have choices, but the choice to do nothing isn’t one of them; indifference never made a difference. I moved into a new place just over a year ago. It was an older building … Read More

Feeling Lost, Unhappy or Depressed? Maybe It’s Time to Get a Greater Purpose

Feeling Lost, Unhappy or Depressed? Maybe It's Time to Get a Greater Purpose

I’ve often talked about the emotional highs and lows of what many entrepreneurs need to endure. The fact that the depression rate for entrepreneurs is twice that of the average adult may help justify my rationale. Having been an entrepreneur that has battled depression over the years doesn’t make me an authority on the subject, but it does give me … Read More

Why I Believe It’s So Much Easier To Say I’m Fine

easier to say I'm fine

On April 11th, it will be seven years since Madeline’s death or, as I’ve come to learn the term:  her Angelversary. You wonder how you could get through that first week, then the first month, the first year, birthdays and holidays. You get by because life goes on, and to think otherwise is not an option. I do it for … Read More

Is Social Media Pushing our Kids to the Brink of Depression and Suicide?

social media suicide

Many of you know our family’s story by now. Our daughter Maddie tragically took her own life at the tender age of fourteen and forever changed the lives of our family and friends. Sadly, this is not a unique story. Maddie’s Mom, our boys and friends have made it a personal mission to tell our story, bring greater awareness to … Read More

How Do Kids Handle the Sudden Loss of a Brother or Sister?

loss of a sibling

By sharing our story and struggles about what we went through with Madeline, we cross paths with the many people who have gone through equal pain and devastation. I believe it’s therapeutic for all of us. Some of the stories are recent, and some are from years ago. Some are tragic, and some are hoping to have or have had … Read More

11 Essential Mental Health Coping Strategies for Entrepreneurs

mental health coping strategies

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding and liberating things you can do as a career. Equally valid, being an entrepreneur can be one of the most frustrating and emotional roles you can choose to make a living. Schools are great at teaching you how to succeed when starting a new business, but do these schools properly … Read More

How Does Tremendous Purpose Come From the Darkest Tragedy?

tremendous purpose

Does the hurting ever stop? I don’t know because I’m not even close to being there yet.  A big part of me wants the pain to go away but not at the cost of the memories.  The memories are what I cherish, what I hold onto when I want to feel close to Madeline. This is what I felt 2 … Read More