What are your options if you don’t qualify for life insurance?

don't qualify for life insurance

It’s been said that the only people who want to buy life insurance are those who are uninsurable or don’t qualify for life insurance.  For those who are deemed uninsurable there are some options for life insurance that you will want to be aware of.  Obviously, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums.  But what happens if … Read More

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Relationships are challenging at the best of times.  The complexity of two families coming together under one roof is likely anything but harmonious.  The intricacy of two families’ merging children can cause resentment, acrimony and imbalance.  This can cause a tremendous amount of stress to any relationship, let alone when the decision to blend two families under one roof.  The … Read More

How Life Insurance Can Help Your Favourite Charity?

Life Insurance Can Help Your Favourite Charity

The gifting of life insurance to registered charities has always been a popular method for individuals to fulfill their philanthropic goals, and worth considering when it comes to a charity that is near and dear to your heart. There are basically two options when donating life insurance to a charity: donate a policy while one is alive or make the … Read More

Why Do Wealthy Individuals Need Life Insurance?

wealthy individuals need life insurance

If you have ever thought that life insurance was something you wouldn’t need after you reached a certain level of financial security, you might be interested in knowing why many wealthy individuals need life insurance and still carry large amounts of life insurance.  Consider the following: A life insurance advisor in California recently placed a $201 million dollar life insurance … Read More

Business Owners: Improve CashFlow Using Life Insurance

improve cashflow using life insurance

Owners of very successful private corporations are well aware of the importance of cash flow.  Many are protective of how they allocate corporate capital so that business ventures are adequately funded and investment opportunities are not missed.  Many business owners don’t realize how they can improve cashflow using life insurance. The Immediate Financing Arrangement offers an opportunity to provide life … Read More

Group Life Insurance – Only Part of The Solution

group life insurance

Ownership of individual life insurance at its lowest level in 30 years The Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) 2013 study shines a light on a developing problem for Canadian households: Individual ownership of Life Insurance was at its lowest level in 30 years; 3 in 10 households did not have individual life insurance at all. larger dependence upon … Read More

Thinking of Cancelling Your Life Insurance?

cancelling your life insurance

Have you found yourself thinking of cancelling your life insurance policy you pay for every month?  You are not alone. As time goes on we often forget the reasons behind purchasing the amount and type of coverage we did. For this reason, it is advisable to have regular reviews to make sure you are adequately protected. Perhaps you are having trouble … Read More

Is It Time For a Life Insurance Audit?

life insurance audit

A Life Insurance Audit Will Ensure Your Needs Haven’t Changed Has it been awhile since you last looked at your insurance portfolio?  Have you had a life insurance audit since you set up your policies? Are you a little vague in your recollection of all the coverage you have and why you have it? Are you uncertain as to whether … Read More

Why is Key Person Insurance So Important to your Business?

key person insurance

A Risk Your Business Can’t Afford To Make Most business owners understand that assets vital to the success of the enterprise should be insured.  Premises are routinely covered for fire and/or theft; vehicles used to make deliveries, insured; machinery needed for manufacturing, also insured. Given that these tangible assets are instrumental in the success of the business, it makes good … Read More

How To Get Your Life Insurance Premiums Back?

People hate life insurance.  I get it, why would anyone want to hedge against their eventual death.  I’ve heard it all about protecting your love one’s in the event of your untimely and unfortunate demise.  Protecting your family’s future from uncertainty if your income is not there in the future for ongoing expenses. If you’re a business owner, protecting your … Read More