Beware When Setting up Employee Benefit Plans for Bosses

employee benefit plans for bosses

If you’re responsible for the set up and administration of your company’s employee benefit plan, you may want to pay close attention to how you set up your boss on the plan.  This specifically applies to business owners or shareholders of the business.  Most don’t realize this but group benefit plans work really well for employees but the same doesn’t … Read More

Business Owner Benefit Plans

Business owner benefit plans

So you’re a business owner.  You’ve worked hard to grow your business. You’ve got a loyal staff and want to make sure your employees have a great benefit plan.  Does that mean that you should be on the same plan as your employees?  You need to look at business owner benefit plans. The nice part of benefits in Canada, they are … Read More

Should Benefit Plans for Business Owners Differ From Employee Plans?

benefit plans for business owners

I walk into many privately owned companies only to find out that they are set up under the exact same benefit plan as their employees.  Should benefit plans for business owners differ from employee plans?  In a word, Absolutely! It’s all too common that I see business owners having the co-pay obligations as their employees.  So if an owner goes … Read More