Why We Love Health Spending Accounts….And You Should Too!

Health Spending Accounts

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) are one of the best kept secrets in the benefits industry that offer tremendous opportunities to both employees and employers. Below is a list of 10 perfect reasons why your company should seriously entertain utilizing the merits of this little known yet often heralded non-benefit plan Benefit 1 Tax Free Money.  Whether you’re a Business Owner … Read More

How do Government Programs and Private Benefit Plans Integrate?

government programs and private benefit plans

Revised November 2018 Do government programs and private benefit plans integrate? In short, the answer is yes, however, depending upon the program “do I qualify?” may be the bigger question. Many of my clients ask me this question, and there is not a straightforward answer.  There are many programs available through various levels of government, but for the sake of time … Read More

The 11 Key Elements that an Association Benefit Plan should provide its MembershiP

Association Benefit Plan

When does an Association benefit plan make sense? In short, the answer should always be. However, this is seldom the case.  Many companies have experienced that there’s a premium to work through an Association benefit plan. Many companies have experienced high administration fees, one-size-fits-all approach, limited service capabilities, ineffective regional coverage and limited supporting technology platforms. Many feel it is great … Read More

How Much Should I Budget for my First Employee Benefits Plan?

benefit plan cost

So you’re challenged to get the best employees because you don’t offer a benefit plan.  You run the risk of losing a valuable employee because you don’t have a benefit plan. You want to offer security to employees, but you don’t want to jeopardize your company’s bottom line in the process. What will a benefit plan cost my business? Whatever is … Read More

How Work-Life Balance Programs Help to Attract Top Talent

work life programs

Things are changing in the corporate world. These days, employers are starting to recognize the importance of encouraging a work-life balance among their employees. And, in today’s competitive job market, family-friendly work environments are becoming all the rage – for a good reason. Research has demonstrated that over-worked, stressed-out employees who are having difficulty balancing work and other life commitments … Read More

Is Your Benefits Advisor Performing these 11 Key Roles for You?

Role of the benefit advisor

what I experienced something in the last few days that embarrassed me as a Benefits Advisor.  As much as there are many credible professionals within the benefits business, there are more than our fair share of brokers/advisors that are greedy, lazy and bring no value to their clients.  Like in any industry, there will always be a few bad eggs.  So … Read More

How Can Your Benefits Plan Benefit From a Third Party Administrator?

why use a TPA

A prospective client asked me recently ‘why use a Third Party Administrator?’  I thought this was a blog-worthy item of interest and write about it this week as this is not the first time I’ve been asked this question. First of all, it’s important to understand what a TPA is all about and what role do they fulfil within the … Read More

Wondering What it Takes to Stop Changing Benefit Providers Every Year?

Managing Group Benefit Costs

Over the past couple of decades, employee benefits have increased in importance and have become a critical part of employee compensation programs. Employees are using their dental, prescription drug, paramedical and vision coverage at record levels. 3 major factors contributing to the increases in benefits costs are: Ageing – As we get older, we use more health care products and … Read More