About The Finish Line Group

Founded in 2013, The Finish Line Group exists to help entrepreneurs and business owners meet their financial goals. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs take care of whatever financial issues they are facing so they can fall in love with their businesses again.

We provide comprehensive and insightful solutions to a variety of problems, including business tax planning, business insurance, succession plans, business exit strategies, wealth-building, and more.

What makes us different?

Advice from an experienced business owner: most financial experts and consultants have not owned a small- or mid-sized business, and don't understand the challenges you face like we do.
Comprehensive solutions: if used cleverly, things like insurance, pension plans, and benefit plans can also become ways to maximize your profitability and build wealth.
Your future comes first: every business owner deserves to have an exit strategy that is both financially rewarding and fulfilling. We help entrepreneurs throughout the entire lifecycle of their businesses, ensuring that their goals are getting met.

Before becoming a financial consultant, wealth strategist, tax planner, and insurance broker, Chris Coulter was the co-owner of an office furniture company with 70 employees and $30 million in annual revenue. The business was solidly built, and a prosperous future seemed certain.

When the banking crisis hit in 2008, Chris and his partner were caught off-guard, and were forced to make major reinvestments in order to keep the company functional. After several years of operating in a recession, Chris and his partner decided to cut their losses and end the business.

Today, Chris owns and operates The Finish Line Group, which is dedicated to helping other business owners achieve their financial goals and minimize risk. He uses his hard-won experience to help other business owners avoid the same mistakes and secure their future.