About The Finish Line Group

What makes an entrepreneur? Is it a willingness to forge ahead in the face of adversity, committed to a vision that you’re completely passionate about despite the objections of everyone around you? Is it your ability to be completely focused on the attainment of a goal at the sacrifice of everything else?

Sometimes this focus clouds our objectivity and sense of pragmatic decision making despite our convictions. Many consider that failure is not an option. Our focus on the finish line, clouds our ability to perceive the possibility if this idea doesn’t pan out per plan.

Therefore, I started The Finish Line Group. When I owned my last business, I never considered failure as an option. I was completely invested and committed to the success of the business. I continued to invest back into my business without creating any contingencies for failure. When the banking crisis hit in 2008, our office furniture business which employed 70 people, went from a $30 million per year company to less than $10 million almost overnight. Coupled with huge losses in currency exchange and a switch to a new major supplier was the perfect storm for burning through a few million dollars in retained earnings within a couple of years. My retirement plan and my future financial nest egg disappeared alongside the business.

As a business owner, I wasn’t an anomaly. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs have not suffered the same fate, but in many cases their vulnerability still exists. They are solely vested in their business. The Finish Line Group was created to ensure other business owners avoid a similar fate as mine.

Business owners aren’t always looking after their financial future. They assume a lot of risk. We work with a lot of brilliant people who are assuming a lot of unnecessary risk. They have questions around succession plans, exiting the business, tax strategies, wealth building and employee retention. Many of these strategies fall beyond the expertise of their Accounting and Legal professionals.

The Finish Line is a metaphor for where your business can take you, your family and your future regardless of the challenges that you may face along the way.

Chris Coulter
Founder and President of The Finish Line Group